Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia

The Level 2 and 3 Awards in Awareness of Dementia assess the learners’ knowledge and understanding of practices in the care of individuals with dementia.  It deals with issues such as person-centred approaches, factors that can influence communication, the impact that diversity, equality and inclusion can have on the individual’s experience of dementia and the administration of medication.

These Awards are aimed at those already working  in a care environment or preparing  to work in a care environment, but who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of caring for individuals with dementia.

This qualification can be used as professional development for those who wish to gain knowledge in this specialist area of practice.

The knowledge gained through the achievement of this qualification can be used towards the achievement of Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care.

Aims and Objectives
  • To understand the process and experience of dementia
  • Using a person-centred approach, understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia.
  • To understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia
  • To understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion