Dementia Care Foundation Programme – 4 days

BrainThis 4 day Foundation Programme is designed to help you work with people with dementia in accordance with current best practice. By the end of the programme you will understand how you can improve the quality of life of the people with dementia you are working with by using person-centred practice. It involves attendance at all four days and completion of the work based assignment book. OCR recognises this programme as relating to QCF levels 2,3, and 4 in Health and Social Care knowledge and understanding requirements. These can be used in the accreditation of prior learning processes.



 Module 1 – Dementia Explained

carer and service userLearning Outcomes:
  • Understand the effect of diseases which cause dementia
  • Have an understanding of the emotional needs of people with dementia
  • Acknowledge the impact a care workers’ interaction skills can have on the person with dementia and the disease process
  • Identify practical ways to work with people with dementia based on best practice



Module 2 – Communicating with People with Dementia

two elderly ladies smilingLearning Outcomes:
  • Have an understanding of the nature of normal communication
  • Acknowledge the impact a care worker’s interaction skills can have on the  person with dementia
  • Identify practical ways to engage with people with dementia using a range of communication approaches



Module 3 – Planning Successful Activity

 People bakingLearning Outcomes:
  • Discussed occupation and its significance for human beings
  • Described how cognitive impairment affects the occupational ability of elders
  • Explored methods of getting to know a person – abilities, life history, activity level
  • Become familiar with the Pool Activity Level Instrument (PAL)
  • Identified appropriate activities for a range of individuals



Module 4 – Understanding Behaviour Viewed as Challenging

man shouting– A Person Centred Approach

Learning Outcomes:
  • An understanding of the term ‘challenging behaviour’ and the related issues for people with dementia
  • Acknowledged the impact another person’s interaction skills can have on the person with dementia
  • Identified what constitutes good practice and ways of translating the principles of person-centred care into the work place
  • An understanding of the need to protect the individual from abuse, injury and harm