Early Onset Dementia

brain turquoiseThis one day course is for those working within the care profession wanting to gain a knowledge-base around both dementia and early onset dementia. 

It explores the impact on the individual and provides practical guidance on how to support them, as well as providing an insight into the specific issues that will be experienced by someone with dementia under the age of sixty-five.

Learning outcomes:lady and carer in gardens looking at flowers

On completion of this workshop participants will have:
  •  An understanding of the term dementia and ‘early onset dementia.’
  • Explored the effect of diseases which cause dementia.
  • An understanding of the emotional needs of a person with dementia.
  • Explored the impact of cognitive impairment on functional ability.
  • Discussed the impact of the person’s social and physical environment in relation to their experience of dementia.
  • Identified practical ways to support a person with dementia based on best Practice.
  • Explored the Mental Capacity Act (2005) in relation to best practice in decision-making.